Meeting Room A&B is the large room when meeting rooms A and B are conjoined. The room is located on the first floor of the library off the main lobby. It is approximately 1600 sq ft. and has a kitchenette off of the room.

Library Branch
Freeport Public Library

Meeting Room A&B includes conference tables, six foot tables, chairs, drop-down screen, portable white board, flag and wireless internet. Other equipment may be requested at time of booking: lecturn, overhead projector, microphone, markerboard or flip chart, DVD Player, and use of the kitchenette. Please note that these items may be subject to additional fees.


A basic arrangement of chairs suitable to the projected number of attendees and two tables at the front of the room will be provided. If alternate set-up requirements are needed, arrangements must be made at the time the room is booked; room rental fees are doubled for custom set-up requests.

Room Setups Available
  • Auditorium room setup icon with two large sections of seating separated by a central aisle


  • Banquet style room setup icon show three long rectangular tables with seating on each side


  • Boardroom setup icon with large central table and chairs on all sides


  • Room setup icon with chairs lined up against the walls

    Chairs Against Walls

  • Room setup icon showing chairs placed in a circle

    Chairs in Circle

  • room setup icon of two columns of rectangular tables with chairs on one side of each table, resembling a classroom setup


  • Room setup icon with two sections of seating with a central aisle in between


  • Room setup icon with two sections of seating, large aisle in between, and a rectangular table at head of room and seating for presenters

    Panel Presentation

  • Room setup icon showing two sections of seating, central aisle in between, and a screen at the head of the room